The Author Ads Academy Podcast

The Author Ads Academy Podcast

Hosted by: Matt Holmes

On The Author Ads Academy Podcast we discuss all things Amazon Ads for authors.All of which is here to provide you with a super valuable resource to help you sell more books, generate more page reads, earn more...

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EP35 | Amazon Ads Sponsored Products Auto Campaigns

Episode #35

Automatic Targeting Campaigns...some authors love them, some authors really don't like them! Today, I'm going to be diving into what Auto Campaigns are, best practices for using and more importantly, why they should...
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EP34 | A New Direction For The Author Ads Academy Podcast

Episode #34

Welcome back! It's been a while since I posted a podcast episode, so I apologise about that. The past couple of months have been extremely busy, but I am now making time to bring you a new podcast episode every single...
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EP33 | Where To Find Keywords For Your Amazon Ads

Episode #33

If you've been running Amazon Ads for a while and you've generated sales from your Ads, you should have some good data to work with to find keywords for your Amazon Ads by digging into your Search Term Reports.If you...
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EP32 | My 80/20 Amazon Ads Strategy

Episode #32

There are countless strategies out there for running profitable Amazon Ads and none of them are wrong, as they clearly work for some authors, but those strategies may not work for your books.The important thing with...
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EP31 | What To Do If Your Amazon Ads Keywords Aren't Getting Clicks

Episode #31

If the keywords you're targeting with your Amazon Ads just aren't getting clicks, or they're getting a few but not enough to actually generate significant sales, then today's episode is for you.What You'll LearnWhat...
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EP30 | Spreading Your Advertising Risk As An Author

Episode #30

As I'm sure you are aware, Facebook had a big problem on their hands this week when its entire server system went down, resulting in users not unable to access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other properties owned...
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EP29 | Facebook Ads Dynamic Creative For Authors

Episode #29

Facebook Ads Dynamic Creative is a fantastic way to test lots of different variables with your Facebook Ads in an effective and time-efficient manner. Rather than setting up lots of different Ads testing one variable...
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EP28 | A Case For Negative Keywords and ASINs With Your Amazon Ads

Episode #28

Negative Targeting with your Amazon Ads is a task that a lot of authors don't perform, because it takes time and they would rather be writing! However, if you want to see results from your Amazon Ads and not waste a...
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EP27 | The Number One BookBub Ads Metric

Episode #27

Tracking conversions from BookBub Ads is something we aren't able to do, unfortunately; so we have to use another metric, aside from conversions, to determine the success of our BookBub Ads. In today's episode, I'm...
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EP26 | The Top 6 Amazon Ads Metrics For Authors

Episode #26

Understanding the data in your Amazon Ads is crucial to be able to make informed, confident decisions when optimizing and scaling your Amazon Ads Campaigns. But which metrics should you be paying attention to? In...
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EP25 | The Top 5 Facebook Ads Metrics For Authors

Episode #25

The Facebook Ads dashboard offers LOTS of different metrics you could look at, but the good news is, you don't need to look at all them! In fact, aside from the main metrics such as Amount Spent and Budget, there are...
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EP24 | How To Manage Your Cash Flow When Advertising

Episode #24

Cash Flow is so important to manage because if you don’t manage it sensibly, things can soon spiral out of control and have an impact not just on your business, but on your personal life as well. So in today's...
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