EP38 | Amazon Ads Keyword Match Types Explained

Episode #38

Using the 3 different Keyword Match Types offered with Amazon Ads is critical for success. This week on the Author Ads Academy Podcast, I'll be walking you through what the 3 Keyword Match Types are, the intricacies between them, as well as how and when to use them.

Each Keyword Match Type plays its own role within your Amazon Ads Account and when used strategically and holistically, this is when you will see your Amazon Ads start to perform on a whole other level.


  • The 3 different Keyword Match Types
  • The key differences between a Keyword and a Search Term
  • The 5 words that are ignored in all Amazon Ads Keywords
  • A deep-dive into each of the 3 Keyword Match Types
  • The funnel structure I use for Amazon Ads Keywords
  • And so much more...