EP40 | Amazon Ads Mindset

Episode #40

We are taking a little break from the tactical side of Amazon Ads this week and looking at one of, if not, 'the' most important tool in your Amazon Ads belt; mindset. Without this, your Amazon Ads are going to become a frustration that you'd just rather not deal with; you'll make poor decisions when working on your Ads and drive your results into the ground.

With a good mindset, however, you will always see opportunity with your Amazon Ads and will make strategic decisions with confidence.


  • The most important internal tool you need to run successful Amazon Ads
  • Acting on emotions rather than strategy – and which one wins. Always.
  • The biggest lesson I've learned from running thousands of Amazon Ads Campaigns
  • How to accept that you are not in full control of your Amazon Ads
  • How long you should leave Amazon Ads to run untouched when first launching
  • Amazon Ads Attribution and Big-Picture-Thinking
  • And so much more...