EP43 | How to Start Scaling Your Amazon Ads

Episode #43

Scaling your Amazon Ads can seem daunting, overwhelming and a long way off if you're brand new to advertising your books on Amazon; but it doesn't have to be.

Scaling is actually very simple and we often make it more complicated than it needs to be. Once you know 'what' to scale, the 'how' becomes much easier to implement.

And that's what I'm covering in today's episode...How to start scaling your Amazon Ads.


  • What scaling really is
  • Are you ready to scale?
  • Where to find scaling opportunities in your Amazon Ads account?
  • What do you do with these scaling opportunities?
  • How do you scale your Amazon Ads?
  • Why finding new scaling opportunities is so critical for Amazon Ads
  • Expectations to keep in mind when scaling Amazon Ads
  • And so much more...