The Author Ads Academy Podcast

The Author Ads Academy Podcast

Hosted by: Matt Holmes

On The Author Ads Academy Podcast we discuss all things Amazon Ads for authors.All of which is here to provide you with a super valuable resource to help you sell more books, generate more page reads, earn more...

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EP47: Which Amazon Ads Reports Should You Be Using?

Looking at spreadsheets of data from your Amazon Ads Account isn't everybody's cup of tea, but without taking the time to dive into your Amazon Ads Reports, you can be missing out on a lot of opportunity to really...
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EP46 | Amazon Ads Tracking – The Why, The How and The What

Episode #46

Tracking may not be the most exciting topic to think about, but if you want to see success from Amazon Ads, keeping tabs on what is and isn't working is going to be a crucial task you need to be on top of.Tracking...
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EP45 | How To Use Sponsored Brands Category Targeting Campaigns For Keyword Research

Episode #45

Sponsored Brands Ads are one of the highest converting Amazon Ad formats – and for good reason; they appear right at the top of the search results! So, a highly prominent placement where you can advertise 3 or more...
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EP44 | Why You Should Segment Branded Keywords With Your Amazon Ads

Episode #44

If you've ever looked at your Amazon Ads Search Term Reports, you'll undoubtedly have noticed that, after some time, you will be getting a lot of clicks on branded search terms, with many variations of:Your Author...
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EP43 | How to Start Scaling Your Amazon Ads

Episode #43

Scaling your Amazon Ads can seem daunting, overwhelming and a long way off if you're brand new to advertising your books on Amazon; but it doesn't have to be.Scaling is actually very simple and we often make it more...
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EP42 | Diagnosing Your Low Non-Converting Amazon Ads

Episode #42

Low or non-converting Amazon Ads are one of the biggest frustrations of advertisers; but why does it happen and how do you diagnose why it's happening?That's exactly what I am going to share with you in today's...
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EP41 | How Much Should You Be Bidding On Your Amazon Ads?

Episode #41

Amazon Ads bidding is somewhat of a controversial topic with so many conflicting opinions, it can be difficult to know which way to turn and how to bid with your Amazon Ads.In today's episode of the Author Ads Academy...
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EP40 | Amazon Ads Mindset

Episode #40

We are taking a little break from the tactical side of Amazon Ads this week and looking at one of, if not, 'the' most important tool in your Amazon Ads belt; mindset. Without this, your Amazon Ads are going to become...
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EP39 | Amazon Ads Negative Targeting

Episode #39

Amazon Ads can waste a lot of money on irrelevant keywords and ASINs, that, if not dealt with, can stack up to a staggering amount of ad spend on targets that generate zero sales and zero page reads.Not a good...
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EP38 | Amazon Ads Keyword Match Types Explained

Episode #38

Using the 3 different Keyword Match Types offered with Amazon Ads is critical for success. This week on the Author Ads Academy Podcast, I'll be walking you through what the 3 Keyword Match Types are, the intricacies...
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EP37 | Amazon Ads Sponsored Brands Campaigns

Episode #37

Sponsored Products Ads should generally make up around 80% of your Amazon Ads budget because they are the Ads that generate the most traffic, sales and Page Reads.So, where do Sponsored Brands Ads fit into the mix?...
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EP36 | Amazon Ads Sponsored Products Manual Campaigns

Episode #36

If you want to target specific Keywords or specific books/ASINs with your Amazon Ads, 'Manual Targeting' Campaigns are what you need to use.This week on the Author Ads Academy Podcast, I'll walk you through the...
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